8BG #1 Curse Words 1 in 25 variant

  • 8BG #1 Curse Words 1 in 25 variant
  • 8BG #1 Curse Words 1 in 25 variant
  • 8BG #1 Curse Words 1 in 25 variant


8BG 1 cover featuring some sweet Curse Words parody art! 1 in 25 incentive cover signed or signed (your choice) by Ryan.

EIGHT BILLION GENIES has a very simple concept: everyone on earth, at exactly the same moment, gets a genie and a single wish. What happens next? How would that even work? How can Ryan Browne and Charles Soule, the creators of hit series Image Comics series CURSE WORDS, tell a story about eight billion people getting a wish at the same moment?

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